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Solar PV


 Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) panels installed on your property will generate electricity using the rays from the sun, they do not require direct sunlight and will generate electricity even on a cloudy day, in fact whenever there is day light the Solar PV panels will be generating electricity.


As the Solar PV panels generate electricity using only natural day light there is no cost, therefore FREE ELECTRICITY upto the capacity of the Solar PV system installed, for you to use FREE, any further electricity required would be drawn in from the national grid.


Not only do the Solar PV panels generate free electricity for which you can use again, free of charge, to power your home or business but The Government has launched a guaranteed financial incentive to encourage you to install these panels. These incentives are, for every Kilowatt per hour (kWh) of electricity your panels generate your electricity provider will pay you a Generation Tariff of up to 14.9p. for a retro fit system. This is additional to the fact that you can still use the electricity generated by you to power your home or business for free. Further to this should you generate more electricity than you can use at any time you will then feed this excess electricity back into the nation grid system, for this The Government will top up the 14.9/ kWh by a further Export Tariff of 4.64p/ kWh ALL THIS IS GUARANTEED FOR 20 YEARS. The above figures are also linked to inflation, so the tariffs may increase along with inflation over the coming years.



An average home could accommodate a 3kWh system which would be capable of generating 2500kWh per year of electricity, multiply that by the Generation Tariff

2500kWh x 14.9p= £ 372.50 This would give you an annual income of £372.50 for doing nothing, and remember that your electricity bill will also be reduced because you will have been using the FREE ELECTRICTY, upto the capacity of your Solar PV system, throughout the year, and with the possibility of the further Feed in Tariff should you generate electricity that you do not use, for example while you were away on holiday, then multiply your annual income and saving by 20 years and the financial benefits could be staggering.

For more info on the equipment we install click here www.segen.co.uk/


Should you decide to relocate, the system would increase the value and desirability of your property for purchase.

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